Airline Ticket Agent

Airline Ticket Agent
Airline ticket agent
Airline ticket agents utilize computer reservations systems primarily to book flight reservations and sell airline tickets. Agents frequently check baggage and direct passengers to designated terminals and other airport facilities. Agents also inform passengers of flight schedule deviations, and may assist passengers with boarding as necessary.

About the Career

Ticket agents also take and confirm passengers’ reservations for transportation. They also sell and issue tickets and answer questions about itineraries, rates, prepare invoices outlining rates and fees and accept payment from passengers. Ticket agents may also check baggage and assign boarding passes to passengers.

On the job you will:

  • Issue airline tickets
  • Confirm and modify flight reservations
  • Compile and generate passenger manifests
  • Prepare and locate records and information for customers and colleagues
  • Ensure that colleagues and customers follow proper procedures
  • Keep records and information


Average Salary: $43,730
Salary Range: $26,950 - $76,140
Education: High School Degree or Equivalent
Outlook: Excellent (21% or more growth)

Education and Training

A high school diploma is generally enough for airline ticket agent positions. However, some employers prefer to hire candidates who have some college education or an associate’s or higher degree.

Information provided by the Bureau of Labor Statistics, U.S. Department of Labor. Descriptions are based on general guidelines and industry standards and job duties may vary by employer and specific industry. Labor projections utilize data for the North Central Texas region and may vary from national statistics.

Critical Skills