Operations Supervisor

Operations Supervisor
Airport Operations Tower
Aviation operations supervisors directly supervise and coordinate activities of air transportation and airport related material-moving machines, vehicle operators and helpers.

About the Career

Aviation operations supervisors can be responsible for a wide variety of airport related duties. These include FAA rules and regulations, airfield operations, and relationships with other airport operators.

On the job you will:

  • Enforce Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) safety rules and regulations.
  • Plan work assignments and equipment allocations to meet air transportation, operations or production goals.
  • Confer with customers, supervisors, contractors, or other personnel to exchange information or to resolve problems.
  • Direct workers in air transportation or related services, such as pumping, moving, storing, or loading or unloading of materials or people at airports.
  • Review orders, schedules, blueprints, or shipping or receiving notices to determine work sequences and freight or cargo shipping dates, types, volumes, or destinations.
  • Monitor airport field work to ensure that it is being performed properly and that materials are being used as they should be.
  • Recommend and implement measures to improve airport worker motivation, equipment performance, work methods, or fixed base operator customer services.
  • Maintain or verify records of time, cargo and freight materials, expenditures, or ground crew activities.
  • Interpret air transportation or tariff regulations, shipping orders, aviation safety regulations, or company policies and procedures for workers.


Average Salary: $107,640
Salary Range: $47,960 - $208,000
Education: 2 Year Degree
Outlook: Great (11% - 20% growth)

Education and Training

Most organization looking for operations supervisors require training in vocational schools, related on-the-job experience, or an associate's degree.

Information provided by the Bureau of Labor Statistics, U.S. Department of Labor. Descriptions are based on general guidelines and industry standards and job duties may vary by employer and specific industry. Labor projections utilize data for the North Central Texas region and may vary from national statistics.

Critical Skills

Active Listening
Management of Personnel Resources
Time Management