Curriculum Resources & Data

Curriculum Resources & Data
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In 2008, NCTCOG undertook a study to help assist regional academic institutions facilitate new aviation programs to fill the need for skilled workforce in our region. This study produced numerous reports that address a variety of issues educators may face. Browse the information provided by this study for help with curriculum, workforce data, and outreach materials.

The North Texas Aviation Education Initiative was initiated by the North Central Texas Council of Governments from a widely recognized need for additional aviation workforce regionally and nationally. Despite its preeminence in the aviation industry, and the demonstrated need to train additional aviation professionals, the region lacked an integrated comprehensive aviation education system for students who would like to pursue an aviation career. 

The goal of this study is to coordinate with regional industry and academic partners to form a complete and thorough aviation academic program in the region.  Efforts consist of addressing the needs at the university, community college, trade school, high school, and junior high levels.

Aviation programs already exist at the University of North Texas (UNT) Denton, Tarrant County College (TCC), and Mountain View College (MVC). Other prominent state schools with science and engineering degree programs are the University of North Texas (UNT) Dallas and the University of Texas at Arlington (UTA). Many area high schools are beginning to integrate aviation and aerospace curriculum in their programs. 

An interactive PDF report has been published with links to all associated reports completed for this study. You may also read the brief Executive Summary to find an overview of findings and resources available.

National and Regional Industry Needs and Supply

  1. Aviation Employment Data
  2. Library of Aviation Employers
  3. Library of Aviation Academic Programs
  4. Gap Analysis

Recommended Regional Aviation Curriculum

  1. Education Curricula
  2. Program Coordination
  3. Strategic Business Plan
  4. AOPA Aviation Curriculum by Career Category
  5. NASA Kennedy Launch Academy Simulation System (KLASS)

Online Courses

  1. AeroScholars Online Aviation High School Course
  2. Embry Riddle Aeronautical University - AVIATION 101 Online Course (FREE)
  3. Introduction to Engineering and Engineering Mathematics
    Designed to provide high school students and college freshmen a broad outline of engineering and help them decide on a career in engineering, offered by:
    The University of Texas at Arlington, College of Engineering
    A FREE online course via

Other Resources for Aviation Curriculum

  1. Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) Curriculum
  2. Aircraft Owners and Pilots Association's (AOPA) 'PATH to Aviation'
  3. NASA eClips, Innovative Real World Learning
  4. Transportation Careers: A Resource for Teachers
  5. National Air Traffic Controllers Association
  6. Science Buddies - Aerodynamics Science Project