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Information contained in the links below will expand your knowledge of aviation careers and provide students with aviation education and training opportunities in North Texas.

Education Planning

Program Search - Find aviation and aerospace programs in North Central Texas. 

Curriculum Resources and Data -  Learn more about the North Texas Aviation Education Initiative, National and Regional Industry Needs and Supply, and how to develop Aviation Curriculum.

Request a Guest Speaker - Match regional academic institutions with local aviation professionals, experts, and enthusiasts.

Event and News Updates

Upcoming Events - Check out an event near you!

News - Keep up with the latest happenings in aviation!

Paying for Education and Training

Grants and Scholarships - Although education can be expensive, there are many Grants and Scholarships available to help achieve your goals.

Help Students Get Involved

Internships - Learn more about the importance of internships and see a list of aviation internships offered in our region.