How to Evaluate Programs

How to Evaluate Programs
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Choosing the right program can be hard but it is very important to your overall success rate. There are many factors that may influence your decision and it is ultimately up to you to conduct due diligence for the school that is right for you. However, there are some things to consider when researching what works best for you and your future.

Think about certain criteria that is important to you. Prioritize these so you can begin to evaluate the most valuable characteristics of each college and university you seek to attend. Using this list along with site visits can help improve your confidence in choosing the program that is right for you.

  • Size
  • Location
  • Public or Private
  • Quality of Academic Programs (Accreditations)
  • Facilities and Resources Available
  • Student Diversity
  • Campus Life
  • Athletics
  • Cost
  • Admissions Standards/Dual Enrollment Programs
  • Internships

Depending on the career choice, you may want to talk with alumni of these schools or see how many graduates are now working in your field of study. These are not the only factors that you should consider as each prospective student is different. You must ultimately choose the program yourself and work hard to be successful.