Management and Administration

Management and Administration
Airport personnel
Aviation management and administration careers involve a comprehensive application of management and business principles related to air transportation and commerce including planning and management of aviation facilites. The links below will guide you to more information about aviation management & administration jobs.


Aviation Administrative Managers - Plan, direct, and coordinate administrative support services at an airport or aviation organization.

Airport Directors and Managers - Ensure the safe takeoff and landing of aircraft through coordination of air-traffic control and operations personnel; airfield landing and navigational aids; safety procedures; monitoring and maintaining flight records.

Fixed Base Operator (FBO) Managers - Plan, direct, or coordinate transportation, storage, or distribution activities at airports.

Aviation Operations Supervisors - Directly supervise and coordinate activities of air transportation and airport related material-moving machines, vehicle operators and helpers.


Aviation Logisticians - Oversee activities including purchasing, shipping and transportation, inventory, warehousing, and delivery. They may even direct the movement of a range of aviation or airport related goods, people, or supplies, from common consumer goods to military supplies.

Aviation Operations Research Analysts - Use advanced methods of analysis to help aviation organizations solve problems and make better decisions. They also advise managers and other decision makers on the appropriate course of action to solve a problem.

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