New Flight School For Women Wants To Tackle Pilot Shortage

New Flight School For Women Wants To Tackle Pilot Shortage
March 8, 2020
Erin Lear; Founder Lear Academy
Credit: Simply Flying and Erin Lear.... Erin Lear, Founder Lear Academy and Granddaughter of William (Bill) P. Lear, designer of the iconic Lear Jet

March 8, 2020
By Joanna Bailey

On International Women’s Day, it seemed the perfect opportunity to highlight an initiative close to taking off in the US, which aims to bring together female pilots, cutting edge technology and environmental kudos for a brand new, groundbreaking pilot school...

In a bid to encourage more women into aviation, entrepreneur Erin Lear is launching a pilots academy run by women, for women. Lear Academy features a co-ed training program but with a strong focus on recruiting more female pilots due to the current disproportion in the aviation industry. The pilot school is not only aiming to break down gender barriers, it’s also keen to be kind to the environment too.

The pilot school will use a range of all-electric training vehicles, including a fleet of eFlyer two seaters, eFlyer four seaters, and eventually VTOL aircrafts and the Envoy nine seater aircraft. The school aims to find a solution to many contemporary problems, driving down CO2 emissions, solving the pilot shortage, bringing more female pilots into the industry and driving the cost down to achieving a pilot’s license. Simple Flying talked to Erin about the employment pathway for flight school graduates. She told us...

“The cost to get your pilots license will be considerably less expensive than traditional flight schools using our fleet of modern high-tech electric aircraft.”

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