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Apr 1, 2014

According to GAMA, the GA industry contributes more than $150 billion to the U.S. economy annually and supports 1.2 million jobs. A 2011 Texas Department of Transportation report found that in the state, GA contributes more than $14 billion in economic output and employs more than 56,000 people.

Mar 20, 2014

Goodyear has been flying its famous blimp at sporting events and other public exhibitions to televise games, drum up publicity for the company, and raise money for local charities since 1925, and it’s gone through a number of design changes, but the version unveiled last week is the most radical re-engineering of the airship yet.

Goodyear's new state-of-the-art airship makes its first flight
Feb 25, 2014

Set to open this month in the Dallas suburb of DeSoto, Texas, is the nation’s newest helicopter facility, DeSoto Heliport, located in the Eagle Business & Industrial Park. The $5 million, 19-acre facility is jointly owned by the Texas Department of Transportation, the City of DeSoto and the DeSoto Economic Development Corporation.

heliport DESOTO
Feb 9, 2014

As I wrote in my previous column, the FAA is set to hire 10,000 controllers over the next decade, with more than 6,000 in the next five years.

If you missed the FAA’s first virtual career fair last week, you are still in time for the next and final one set for February 12. According to the FAA’s website, it anticipates accepting applications for a two-week period from February 10-February 24, 2014.

Feb 5, 2014

U.S. Pilot Shortfall Hits Earlier, Worse Than Expected. The anticipated shortfall of U.S. airline pilots is coming to fruition earlier and more dramatically than expected because of a mix of mass retirements, the FAA's new rest rules and sharply higher training requirements for beginner pilots. Jack Nicas reports on the News Hub. Photo: AP.

WSJ Interview of Pilot Shortage
Feb 4, 2014

Twenty-two-year-old San Franciscan Luca Iaconi-Stewart has done what any self-respecting airplane fanatic would do. He's got his own. Unlike, say, John Travolta, however, who owns and flies five planes including a Boeing 707-138, Iaconi-Stewart's craft is more befitting his age and status. It's four feet long. And made of cardboard.
And he built it himself.

Replica plane made out of cardboard
Feb 3, 2014

If your goal is to become an aviation professional — whether you aspire to be a pilot, an air traffic controller, airport manager, unmanned aerial vehicle operator or something else — enrolling at an aviation college could be your surest ticket to that dream job.

Aviation Colleges
Jan 27, 2014

The university is part of the Lone Star Unmanned Aircraft Systems Initiative, one of six programs nationwide picked by the Federal Aviation Administration to help come up with rules so that drones and other unmanned aircraft can share airspace with airplanes, helicopters and other manned flying machines.

UTA drone testing
Jan 7, 2014

Some area high schools offer aviation courses that cover aeronautical engineering and aviation administration to piloting skills. But now 14 DISD schools will offer such classes to more than 600 fourth and fifth graders starting this month.

Dunbar ISD aviation classroom donated cessna